We do cater custom embroidery services, however, please be informed that for the time being we are using third party services which may takes up to 3-4 weeks for custom embroidery depending on the order quantity. 

And as for now we only limit for custom ‘text’ embroidery ONLY and only in BLACK AND WHITE STITCHES.

Currently we do accept custom icon or logo embroidery BUT ONLY FOR BULK ORDER more than 20 PCS to ensure product integrity.

We hope we could cater all custom orders in the near future.

Pricing details:

  1. Name only (1 line) : RM8
  2. Name + Designation/Department (2 line) : RM 12

Thank you for your understanding and your support. Your patient is highly appreciated.

*For bulk order please contact us at mediflexxcollection@gmail.com or WhatsApp +60186668558 for further enquiry/custom order.